The story about us!

The WaterMarc Group is an information technology (IT) product development and business consulting specialist with particular focus on digital communication. The group provides innovative and customized technological solutions and services to clients across various domains including education, health, insurance, finance, e-commerce, sports, digital media houses, travel, hotel, events, associations, and mobile, etc.

We continuously evolve with constant research and development to meet our customer’s needs by applying effective strategies of IT optimization to achieve business objectives. By focusing on these areas, we endeavor to successfully solve the most complex and challenging problems in a cost-effective and time bound fashion. We leverage the vast repository of knowledge that we have built over the years into an agile and dynamic value proposition – focusing both on creativity and technology to achieve enhanced and desired results.

The WaterMarc Group has five domain specific business entities comprising of :

WaterMarc Solutions (WMS)
The complete Web experience solution

WMS is a solution-based company that services clients who require innovative and customized solutions on website designing, website development, mobile websites, digital contents, and e-mail solutions, etc. WMS has worked for clients from diversified industries including hotel, travel, pharmacy, export houses, and agro-industries, etc. WMS has successfully serviced a wide range of clientele ranging from small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large business houses, and start-up companies,

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WaterMarc Technologies (WMT)

WMT, the Technology Architects, uses IT to develop customized technological process and products in the areas of web applications, mobile applications, and e-commerce, etc. Presently, WMT has a wide range of clientele across various sectors including education, health, and finance, among others. The research and development team at WMT is constantly involved in developing new products and solutions for different function areas and industries.

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The Wireframe
Designing Mobile Innovation


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WMS Hostings

WMS hosting provides domain hosting and server solutions and works closely with WMS to provide a one stop solution to its clients in a cost effective manner.

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WaterMarc Consulting (WMC)

provides consultancy in the areas of technology, business, finance, and social media marketing, etc. The young, dynamic, and enthusiastic professionals with relevant academic and professional experiences in WMC work closely with the clients and consult them with the best of our resources. Some of the WMC clients include associations, entrepreneurs, e-commerce companies, and start-up companies across various industries, etc.

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Social Pizza

As the name suggests, we are trying to build a social environment for companies to effectively reach out to their various stakeholders, similar to a pizza base which is baked with different ingredients. Our social media strategies and related technological solutions endeavors to simplify the messages and ensures their reach to targeted stakeholders in an effective manner, thus differentiating from the cluttered and complex social media space.

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